Lord Huron: Artist to Watch

Lord Huron

Lord Huron is an appropriate pseudonym for indie/folk artist Benji Schneider, for he takes the reigns in blending tribal drum beats with fantastical guitar chords. This Michigan-bred musician released his first full-length LP Lonesome Dreams in October, following two EPs: Into the Sun and Mighty.

Schneider recorded both EPs solo, while still cultivating an incredibly lush and full sound. Now he has a full band in tow for the new record, and Lord Huron’s orchestral hooks intensify. Which is probably for the best; Schneider has moved from the pastoral midwest to LA, and his festival lineup includes big players like Outside Lands and SXSW.

Highlights from Lord Huron’s repertoire include the single off Lonesome Dreams “Time To Run,” which ebbs and flows with a beat matching a runner’s quickened breath, and “Ends of the Earth,” a tropicalia-meets-Americana confession of wanderlust. “She Lit a Fire,” is more twangy, but full of wistful anticipation. And “The Man Who Lives Forever” has the best percussion on the whole album. The title-track “Mighty” off his 2010 EP begins with sounds of rainfall, creating a Carribbean atmosphere for lively percussion similar to Fool’s Gold’s “Surprise Hotel.” Schneider is a craftsman; while his vocals are soft and echo like those of Fleet Foxes, they do not dominate his dreamy scores. Let Lord Huron sway you into the winter months.

(This acoustic version of “When Will I See You Again” lacks Lord Huron’s most distinguishable quality: percussion. But it shows that even without the steel drums, Lord Huron can hold their own.)


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