Pitchblak Brass Band: Funky Friday


Channeling my inner-David Dye and introducing some great new tunes on this funky Friday.

While this band’s sound might stray from Second Fiddle’s folkish tendencies, Brooklyn’s Pitchblak Brass Band will help you dance your way into the weekend. The 10-piece hip-hop brass band (yep, that combination is real…and wonderful) creates a full, boisterous sound, delivering sharp rap lyrics with brassy tuba, trombone and trumpet tones.

Burr Lioz” emphasizes the dynamic versatility of this collective, with major emphasis on vocals. Other tracks like “Ulysses” and “Get It and Run” layer in smooth jazz chords. Pitchblak’s new sound makes each track a unique journey, and their debut album You See Us is a strong entry into the hip-hip music scene. (And if you’re impressed with the album, just wait until you see them live. I had the pleasure of catching their show at the Brooklyn Bowl a month ago and noticed bowlers stopping mid-game to dance to an epic cover of Janelle Monae’s Q.U.E.E.N.)

Pitchblak Brass Band’s debut album You See Us dropped on September 12 and is available on their website and Spotify.

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