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Boston Music Awards: My Folkin’ Picks

The Boston Music Awards are arguably the most exciting day for the Boston music scene. Powered by the New England music scene, the BMAs celebrates its 25th birthday this December.

I’m so excited for my favorites Gentlemen Hall and Allston Pudding; both were nominated for Pop Artist of the Year and Best Boston Music Blog for the second year in a row (respectively). Naturally, upon hearing the nomination announcement, I scanned the Folk category, realizing I wasn’t familiar with any of these local gems! Embarrassing, I know. Rather than blindly vote based on most creative name, I decided to give these nominations a fair listen. Here are my brief impressions and picks for The BMA’s “Best Folk Artist of the Year.”

Folk Artist of the Year

Bow Thayer And Perfect Trainwreck – Classic, conversational bluegrass/rock music.

Caleb Groh – Sounds like a young Rufus Wainwright. Similar nasally voice and slow crooning.

David Wax Museum – Poppy, quirky, boisterous folk. (DWM is nominated for 3 awards at this year’s BMAs!)

Ellis Paul – Typical folk singer/songwriter with long hair from Maine. (Sorry Ellis.)

You Won’t – Infectious rhythmic beats with tons of clapping and stomping.

And the winner is…

You Won’t!

It was a close call between them and David Wax Museum, however this acoustic version of “Television” on the Big Ugly Yellow Couch sold me. Plus, they have a much newer, younger sound than competitors Bow Thayer and Ellis Paul. What’s better- praising the folk traditionalists for keeping the original music alive? Or looking towards modern-day folk and its many interpretations. (I believe in the latter.) The duo of Raky Sastri and Josh Arnoudse bounce with energy and soar on distinct percussion patterns.

Keep an ear out for the real winners on December 2. The BMAs will be hosted at the Liberty Hotel.  More information can be found on their website.

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