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Langhorne Slim: A Private Serenade

Langhorne Slim @ the Brighton Music Hall (taken by me)

I’ll be honest, my roommate and I sauntered into the Brighton Music Hall tonight already feeling pretty cool- our new apartment is less than a 2 minute walk away and we bought the tickets for Langhorne Slim as a last-minute attempt to procrastinate studying for midterms. We were positioned a little far from the stage, but consoled ourselves by talking through the opener (sorry Last Bison, you were pleasant and imma let you finish, but why did you change your name from Bison to The Last Bison? Are you becoming extinct?) and with pumpkin beer. And we were seeing Langhorne Slim perform! What could be better?

Oh right, when Slim (also known as Sean Scolnickjumped into the crowd TWICE to sing. He didn’t just hum a few words or wait for audience participation, but sang two entire songs. In the throws of an epic encore of “Back to the Wild,” Slim transitioned into a rugged and soulful “Past Life,” gesturing for everyone to huddle in a circle around him on the floor (video credit to “zach22m” who was standing a few people away). Everyone in that room got a private concert and assurance that Langhorne knew each of us from a past life. The spontaneity of seeing this concert in the first place was thrilling, and this unexpected twist was the cinnamon-sugar rim on a fall brew. Do you have any cool concert moments where you were practically touching the main act? (In a non-creepy way of course.) Any experiences of private serenades? I’ve been lucky enough to have a few great memories, one coincidentally when I snapped a picture with Slim at a free concert this summer. However, I was totally unprepared for this moment, making it that much better.

Langhorne Slim @ The Brighton Music Hall 10/24/12

Other concert highlights include an infectious toe-tapping “The Way We Move,” also the name of his 2012 release, the bittersweet “I Love You, But Goodbye,” and even more heart-wrenching “Song for Sid,” a ballad written for Slim’s late grandfather. As quickly as Langhorne Slim can wiggle his tiny hips on stage to raunchy bluegrass chords, he can flip the mood with somber melodies. I guess that’s just the way he moves.

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