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Logan Afouyni: The Drunk Duet

Sure, we’ve all witnessed those not-so-sober sing alongs when walking or taking public transportation on a weekend night…maybe we’ve even participated in a few of these ourselves. But when Logan Afouyni was approached by an intoxicated man in London who eagerly wanted to sing a duet, the result was surprising to say the least…

Where did this guy come from, you ask? Lucky for Logan, she exchanged information with Clark Chamberlin and they (soberly) made another video.

Maybe I’m especially fond of this story because I spent last semester in London and Clark is also a study abroad student, but Logan’s raw Cat Power-esque vocals and the spontaneity of their duet makes impatient for more. In the meantime I’ve visited Logan’s SoundCloud for some fantastic (free!) covers, found a fan-made video of “The Drunk Duet”, and unearthed the original song by Seattle singer/songwriter Noah Gundersen. His live performance will make you want to stand up and dance just like the audience.

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